About the ADR Section

Who We Are

The NBA-ADR Section is comprised of lawyers, former judges, academics, and ADR professionals in all disciplines of the law.  In accordance with our By-laws, the goal of the Section is “[to]to create a permanent organization of individuals qualified to provide alternative dispute resolution services to members of the Association and the general public, . . .[t]o promulgate policies and conduct activities for the benefit of alternative dispute resolution professionals; and . . .t]o provide public service activities that help to enhance public knowledge about alternative dispute resolution options within the United States and abroad.” 

The starting point is our certified Panels of Arbitrators and Mediators.  Each member of these panels is a dedicated ADR profession who has passed our rigorous admission process.  They are members of the NBA, the ADR Section, and must be able to hold themselves as arbitrators or mediators in the jurisdiction in which they practice.  They are known to our Section, and must be able to represent the Section and the NBA in the highest light possible.  Please take a look at those Panels on our website and do not hesitate to reach out directly.  Our goal is to be the premier source of diverse dispute resolution professionals to the NBA and the public.

To continuously improve the knowledge of our members and the public in the field of alternate dispute resolution the NBA-ADR Section offers numerous programs by our members and in association with organizations including the American Arbitration Association, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and JAMS.   Our website contains links to past programs and related materials available to the public.  The NBA-ADR Newsletter is published thrice yearly and features articles and by and about our members and the profession.   

To increase our value proposition, the new website also includes a Members Only part that contains our membership directory since the starting point to success for diverse dispute resolution is referrals of our peers.  The Members Only includes career opportunities and the ADR Forum, our blog dedicated to the free exchange of ideas and questions regarding alternative dispute resolution.   

We could not be prouder of our Section and what we have and will achieve.  Do not hesitate to contact me or any member to discuss further, and how you can be a part!

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A Message From Our Chair

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Dean L. Burrell, Esq.

ADR Chair

We appreciate your viewing our website.  We could not be prouder of our Section, which is dedicated to the advancement of professionals of color in the field of conflict resolution.  Our website shows the full spectrum of how we achieve this goal, starting with the certified Panels of Arbitrators and Educations, which is available for viewing by the public.  If interested in an individual please do not hesitate to contact them directly.  Education of our members and the public is a significant goal of this Section, which we achieve by our programming, blog, articles, and newsletters.  All of this is contained on our website.  Some of our content, such as our membership directory and career opportunities, is only available to our members. Please browse and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, are interested in joining our Section, attending meetings, or joining one or more of our Panels.


Dean L. Burrell, Esq.

Dean L. Burrell, Esq.

ADR Chair